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Microsoft just made Bing search even more like Google

At least Bing is more colorful than Google

Starting today Bing searches will look a little bit more like Google results thanks to a new feature called "Fact Answers."

And "new" is applied liberally here, since Fact Answers are identical to information Google has offered for a long time.

Basically when you search for businesses or addresses you can add certain terms, like "hours," "phone" or "directions," to your query, and the relevant info will appear on a card at the top of search results, Microsoft announced in a Bing blog post.

Bing knows what day of the week it is and where you're located, and it does its best to provide relevant information.

Bing Fact Answers are available across desktop and mobile, so users looking for a Google alternative on any platform should now have one fewer qualm about using Bing instead.