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Do better with search, says Microsoft

Microsoft says its Windows Live Search is far improved

Windows Live Search has received a major overhaul as Microsoft seeks to claw back Google's massive advantage in the area. The update to Live Search focuses, says the company, on improvements to its core search technology.

Microsoft says the developments are designed to deliver a better search experience to the 185 million worldwide who use Live Search every month.

"Our engineering focus is on the areas that matter most...we have made dramatic progress in delivering a better search experience to our customers," says Satya Nadella, head of the Search and Advertising Platform Group at Microsoft. "We know what kinds of things consumers are searching for, and we have invested in [the most interesting], including entertainment, shopping, health and local search."

"With the core platform in place we intend to win customers and earn their loyalty one query at a time."

Microsoft has increased the size of its search index by four per cent. According to the company, the new Live Search does a much better job in predicting the intent of the query to return the best results possible.

The company has also made "significant enhancements" to its core algorithms as well as more work on "query refinement" where Live Search will make changes to the query where "the engine is confident of the customer's intent."