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UK in top-three of world's Twitter users

Revealed: the location of the twittering classes
Revealed: the location of the twittering classes

A new report has analysed Twitter use across the world and found that the UK has the third most active Twitter population globally, with the US hitting the number one spot.

Considering the US is around five times the size of the Britain population-wise and Brazil around three times, little ol' UK seems to be very active when it comes to tweeting about their lives on a daily basis.

Twitter increase

The US now accounts for 50.88 per cent of all tweets, down from 62.1 per cent in June.

Brazil has seen a four-fold increase since June 2009, with the country accounting for 8.8 per cent of all tweets sent – up from 2 per cent.

When it comes to the UK, we have moved up from 7.87 per cent (as reported in June) to 8.79 per cent.

Exactly how many of these users are bots, however, is a little unclear.

The information has been aggregated by Sysomos, who states on its blog that is "uses proprietary technology to infer geography based on user disclosed information which does not rely on Twitter's geo-location API."

The reason it is not taking into account Twitter's own API is that it found a mere 0.23 per cent of all tweets are being tagged with geo-location.