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Parents using Facebook to stalk their kids

Adam is... being stalked by parents
Adam is... being stalked by parents

Parents are turning to Facebook and other social networks to follow their kids after they have left for university.

A survey discovered the unsavoury fact that up to three quarters of parents are 'friending' their kids in order to keep in touch with their children's lives, as well as turning to text and Skype.

A government poll of 1,000 parents found that 78 per cent thought new technologies made it easier to stay in touch.


More than half of parents use mobile phones to keep in touch, 35 per cent use email and just under a quarter use sites like Facebook as their primary form of contact with 75 per cent using the sites in some form.

Higher Education Minister David Lammy said: "New technologies have made a big impact on all our lives and as students return from the Christmas break, it's never been easier for mums and dads to stay in touch and updated on their child's progress."

Leaving out the fact that no child should ever, ever, ever accept their parent as a friend on Facebook, you would have to question which kids would then be comfortable being tagged on drunken nights out at the Union, knowing that mummy was keeping her beady eye on your friend feed.