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Now acceptable in Scrabble: Facebook, wiki, webzine and inbox

"Facebook IS a word, mum - see?"
"Facebook IS a word, mum - see?"

Collins has added 3,000 new words to its list of Official Scrabble Words, including internet-inspired phrases 'Facebook', 'wiki', 'webzine' and 'inbox'.

With a bit of strategic manoeuvring, the ever-successful 'Facebook' could net you 57 points (19 points on a triple word score), while the somewhat out-dated 'webzine' is worth 21.

Scrabble fans will be pleased at the new opportunities to get rid of those pesky Zs and Xs, while English professors the world over (not to mention your gran) will likely groan at the pervasive nature of the online dialect, practically baragouin to offliners.

Letter gangs

Still, it could be worse. Oh wait, it is worse, with '90s favourites 'innit', 'grrl', 'blingy', 'thang', and 'gak' all now making the Scrabble grade. What next? Kwyjibo?

Robert Groves, editor of Collins English Dictionaries and editor of the latest word list for Scrabble users, said: "The latest edition adds nearly 3,000 new words to the existing quarter of a million available to Scrabble players.

"These additions are an eclectic mix of new technological jargon, overseas English, recent colloquialisms, street slang, and a few fairly well-established phrases that had not made it onto the list until now."