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Facebook and Google set sights on Twitter buyout

Facebook and Google - ready to buy Twitter?
Facebook and Google - ready to buy Twitter?

Twitter is being earmarked for a takeover by two of the biggest technology companies in the world – Facebook and Google.

This is according to the Wall Street Journal, who believes that the micro-blogging is now worth an estimated $10 billion.

Twitter has continuously denied that it is being sold, or becoming a public company, but now that two tech heavyweights are in proposed talks with the company (their names have been bandied around before) this may all be set to change.

TwitterBook or Twoogle?

Twitter under either Google or Facebook's control will be a wholly different beast. Facebook has been constantly updating itself to add more real-time elements into its friend's stream, while Google already has Twitter updates in its search functionality.

Currently Twitter has around 175 million registered accounts – which is small fry compared to 600 million active users Facebook has currently got.

In other Twitter news, venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz has bought up an $80 million stake in Twitter.

This means that the firm is the first in the world to have a stake in Facebook, Groupon, Zynga and Twitter – four of the biggest social media companies in the world.