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Bandai back in handheld gaming with a bang

Love and sex with robots
Maybe Bandai will work on making this a reality next?

As gaming gadgets go, the latest Japanese device from Bandai is surely among the weirdest, as it's essentially a mini Game Boy that is supposed to help its owner find love.

The ¥2,499 (£18.70) Onna Dameshi – the name means something akin to 'Woman Test' – goes on sale a week before Valentine's Day next month and consists of a simple LCD inside a tiny handheld.

Perfect partner

It plays just one game, which is a kind of quiz designed to both test and educate female users about the mysteries of finding the man of their dreams. See what we mean about weird?

Bandai says the information it uses on a range of subjects close to men's hearts comes from a survey it conducted among 1,000 guys it reckons are representative of the typical single man looking for a partner.

Mysteries of the heart

Whether knowing who won the FA cup in 1973 or how to read a map properly are in the database remains to be seen, but we can only hope the game is more entertaining that it sounds.