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Wii shopping channel delivers takeaway food

Wii players
After this, let's order us up a whole mess of sushi, ok?

If it feels like stories about new services for Nintendo's Wii come along every other day, then that's probably because they do. And the latest online offering looks like being the tastiest yet.

From next spring, Nintendo will begin piping a new channel to consoles in Japan that promises to deliver not video on demand or anything that boringly digital, but actual, honest-to-goodness grub.

Order in

The Food Delivery Channel will be run in conjunction with a delivery service called Demae Can, which means something akin to 'Going out shop' in Japanese.

Calling up the channel from the Wii home screen will display a series of menus categorised by either the shop name (Demae Can is a third-party facilitator) or type of cuisine.

Can't decide?

The fun doesn't end with just choosing what you want from the menus – there's also music to match the food type and the option to specify how many people are eating and have the channel make a random selection for you.

We suggest being sparing in using that last option, unless you want to risk grilled chicken gizzard or baked squid guts too often.