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Reports: Nintendo can't get Wii U to work

Wii U
The wireless controller is thought to be the route of Ninty's Wii U problems

Nintendo is enduring serious problems with many 'core systems' on the forthcoming Wii U console, according to reports.

Sources for French site 01net says that the Wii U's current chipset lacks the power to make the console run as desired and could see the release date pushed back to next September.

The main problem appears to the the behemoth 6-inch touch-screen controller, claims the artice.

Nintendo is said to be having problems sending information wirelessly from the tablet-like controller to the console and is currently having to use a tethered connection.


The report also reckons that the progress made by developers is also being held up as new software updates for the controller arrive almost every day.

The source says problems have arisen because the design architecture was "rushed out the door."

Could it be really be back to the drawing board for Nintendo, with the Wii U less than a year away from the scheduled launch?

Following the sluggish start experienced by the 3DS, Nintendo can ill-afford to get this one wrong.

via Kotaku