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Microsoft promises Windows 8 details tomorrow?

Windows 8 to finally emerge from the shadows?
Windows 8 to finally emerge from the shadows?

Microsoft appears to be readying a more in-depth look at its forthcoming Windows 8 platform at the Computex event in Taipei tomorrow.

According to Engadget, during Microsoft's Computex Keynote Steven Guggenheimer, corporate VP for the OEM division, said that the company will announce plans for the 'next version' of Windows.

Given the multiple claims and retractions around Windows 8 so far, we're loathe to say Ballmer's Bunch is going to show off screenshots or give a Windows 8 release date, but it seems the company is finally ready to talk to the world about the new platform.

Tablet time?

Earlier reports suggest that Microsoft will be showing off its new Windows 8 tablet platform, which may be limited to a single set of reference specifications, in a similar way to Windows Phone 7.

Windows 8 is set to be an evolution to the popular PC platform, featuring UI tweaks and mostly improving the speed of users's systems

However, given that Microsoft only recently came out and denied Ballmer's claims that Windows 8 even exists, we're intrigued to see what will be spoken about tomorrow at 10AM Taipei time (2AM to us Brits).

Source: Engadget