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Microsoft's Open Office XML gets ISO approval

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has agreed that Microsoft's Office Open XML (OOXML) should be accepted as an ISO/IEC international standard format.

Approval of the format required at least 66 per cent of the votes to be positive and no more than 25 per cent to be negative. A healthy 75 per cent of the votes were a ‘yes’ with only 14 per cent being a ‘no’.

IBM opposition

Despite the IBM-led campaign against Microsoft, the company went on record this week to state:

“While the final vote has not yet been announced formally, publicly available information appears to indicate that the proposed Open XML standard received extremely broad support.

“According to documents available on the internet, 86 per cent of all voting national body members support ISO/IEC standardization, well above the 75 per cent requirement for formal acceptance under ISO and IEC rules.”