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Twitter: iOS 5 integration is a 'great opportunity'

Life is tweet for Apple
Life is tweet for Apple

One of the bigger shocks when Apple announced iOS 5 to the world earlier this week was that the new mobile operating system would come with a modicum of Twitter integration.

Given that Apple is usually such a closed shop, especially when it comes to its OS, its embrace of the micro-blogging giant surprised many - but Twitter's head of platform Ryan Sarver think it makes perfect sense.

"Overall the big thing for us is the combination of two big platforms," Sarver explained to TechCrunch.

"And we're complementary to each other. Twitter from day one has been a mobile-friendly company — that was a part of Jack's [Dorsey] original vision. So to pair up with Apple on this is a great opportunity."

Big referer

Sarver explained that within iOS5 Twitter users will be able to sign in once and then have the ability to read and write tweets and send DMs.

Sarver also said that anyone making an app for iOS should seriously think about using some sort of Twitter integration.

"I think this integration has the potential to be the second biggest referral for app growth behind the App Store.

"The main point in my mind is that if you're making an app for iOS and you're not thinking about Twitter, you're really missing an opportunity."