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Win! An Intel Core i7 processor worth £240

Intel Core i7
Core i7 processors are the most powerful desktop CPUs in the world

If you're building a new PC this summer, or if you're looking to upgrade your current system, this competition is for you.

TechRadar has teamed up with Intel to give one lucky winner a frighteningly powerful Core i7 920 CPU worth £240.

Put simply, this processor is preposterous. There's no other way of saying it. It's simply the world's fastest PC processing architecture and it pumps out performance numbers so spectacular it's enough to make you laugh out loud at the sheer, giddy ludicrousness of its existence.

In a way, that's not giving away a great deal. We always knew it would take the PC performance crown. After all, the existing Core 2 CPU was the previous title holder and Core i7 was bound to be at least a little quicker. But we still didn't expect the brutal, fratricidal hatchet job that inevitably unfolded when we tested it.

To pull that off, Intel has fundamentally rethought the way it builds PC processors. It's all a bit complicated, and if you want to read more you can read our extensive Core i7 coverage.

UPDATE: this competition is now closed.

The winner is Russell Evans from Chester