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Buying a Switch? Secure your new Nintendo online user ID now

The official launch of Nintendo’s latest console is just around the corner, and Nintendo has opened registrations for its new Nintendo Account user ID system which, apparently replaces the current Nintendo Network ID system and, presumably, will be how Switch gamers are identified online. (Confusing, no?)

Without any fanfare, Nintendo made the sign-up option available to users with existing Nintendo Network IDs on Monday. So if you’d like to get something unique, we’d strongly suggest jumping on the site and signing up ASAP.

First-timers will need to create a new Nintendo account first before you can choose your user ID. And just to reiterate, this isn’t the same as the Network ID that Nintendo required for users to access online services for the Wii U and 3DS.

To get your new Nintendo Account ID, you’ll need to log into the Nintendo Account site where a ‘user info’ section has been created. You can specify the user ID you’d like, but both Mario and Luigi have, unsurprisingly, already been taken.