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Microsoft Office 14 coming in 2010

Office 14 dated
Office 14 dated

Microsoft's Office 14 will not be arriving until 2010, with a leaked power-point slide showing the timeline for the next generation of the popular software suite.

The slide, published by the ever reliable UX Evangelist, clearly shows Office 14 slated for 2010, with a few fairly generic details about Microsoft's approach, using its three pillars method.

The other details revealed talk of anywhere availability for information and applications, support for uncommon devices and services and seamless third party integration – tying into the company's focus on cloud and online application support.


Obviously the actual details will become much clearer closer to launch, but for the meantime, those that had hoped to see Microsoft Office 14 launch ahead of Windows 7 may be disappointed.

The new version of Windows is expected to miss out on a late 2009 slot and instead materialise in 2010, although the sheer scale of the beta offering means that Microsoft will not be short of bug reports in the coming months.

In fact, the option to extend the beta offering beyond the original number of 2.5 million downloads has proven to be a popular one – although the download will apparently go offline from 24 January.