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How to watch the #MicrosoftEDU livestream

Watch the (likely) live unveiling of Windows 10 Cloud

Microsoft is expected to unveil its long-anticipated follow up to projects like Windows RT, Windows 10 Cloud, at an event in New York City this morning entitled “#MicrosoftEDU”.

Set to start at 9:30am ET (6:30am PT, 2:30pm BT, 11:30pm ACT) today, the event is expected to pull the curtain back on this new version of Windows 10, and many anticipate some form of new low-cost hardware to support the endeavor.

How to watch the #MicrosoftEDU livestream

Of course, Microsoft is making a big stink of the announcement, and you can livestream the whole thing. Not one to outsource streaming duties, Microsoft is hosting the event stream itself right at this below link:

As for what to expect, don’t be surprised if you see Microsoft announce a Windows 10 Cloud that’s a lot like Windows RT and Windows 8 with Bing in functionality, but hopefully somehow better. To that end, let’s hope to see new types of devices to support the new software.