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eReaders have become hugely popular in the past decade and a half, with book lovers adopting digital reading for convenience – you can store hundreds (if not thousands) of ebooks on a single portable device and take them all with you wherever you go. eReaders have been designed for the sole purpose of reading ebooks and documents on a screen that mimics the look of paper.

These e-paper screens consume a lot less power than the LCD displays on other tablets and phones, thus offering you weeks of battery life on a single charge. Moreover, these screens – made by a company called E Ink – often filter blue light and let you alter the hue of the light during the evening so as not to overly disrupt sleep.

While most ereaders feature grayscale displays, there are a few color options available. However, the limitations of the screen technology means the colors appear muted, or washed out. This might be set to change as E Ink has developed a tech called Gallery 3 which promises support for more colors and superior saturation. And all the latest ereaders come with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can also listen to audiobooks from the same tablet.

The most popular ereaders are the Amazon Kindles and Kobo devices, with other brands competing against these two for marketshare.

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