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Beautiful.AI review

Create stunning online presentations with this free, AI-powered tool


Our Verdict

If you thought presentation tools were dull, think again! Beautiful.AI is the perfect blend of design and function that produces some stunning results with very little effort.


  • Free and available to use online
  • Can export to PDF or PowerPoint formats
  • An utter joy to use


  • Takes a little getting used to
  • No offline app available
  • You might find yourself having fun playing rather than working

Thanks to Apple's marketing team, it has become something of the norm to refer to software and websites as being beautiful to the point that the term has almost been devalued, but Beautiful.AI truly lives up to its name, helping anyone looking to create a presentation to not only do so only, but to do so with style.

PowerPoint presentations are often ridiculed for their predictability and awful look, but Beautiful.AI features incredible design aesthetics that helps to banish this idea. It can make a designer out of anyone.

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There are a number of templates to choose from, and these use artificial intelligence to adapt to the content you add. If you move elements around, others will be automatically repositioned; if you make a background too dark for text to be seen, it will be automatically adjusted.

It's little touches like this that help you to avoid making some common presentation mistakes, and the results are verging on the professional-looking. This is helped by the subtle, gentle animations that are available which ensure your slides don’t look over the top.

User experience

There’s only a handful of websites and programs that can honestly be described as a pleasure to use, and you can include Beautiful.AI in that number. The templates serve as an excellent starting point onto which you can drag and drop your own images – or opt to work with the range of stock photography that's available – and you can easily tweak the designs to you liking.

Beautiful.AI's interface is clean, uncluttered and inviting, and the workflow is intuitive as a result. The presentations you create online can be left public for anyone with the URL to access, or made private to limit the audience.

There's also the option of saving to PowerPoint format or PDF, but neither of these formats allow for further editing.

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