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PSPs replace paper for lager-fuelled ad agency

Playstation and strong beer forge new alliance

The paperless office moves a step further towards, well, we're not sure what final destination, as 50 Stella Artois-branded PlayStation PSPs have done the hard work for an advertising campaign.

Australian ad agency Rivet Australia used the branded gaming consoles to promote


for its client Foster's sales team.

The PSPs were modified so that the operating systems and logos reflected the reassuringly expensive image of the French beer. Just for good measure the PSPs were delivered in handstiched black velvet bags.

The artwork and films were also installed while Wi-Fi compatibility allowed for new material to be uploaded quicker than it could be printed off by one of those printers that used to be so popular with our parents. The dangers of bringing your work home with you will be relevant to the sales teams' as if the strong lager wasn't enough.