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Facebook beats Google in Forbes rich list

Facebook beats Google in Forbes rich list
Tech dominates Forbes rich list

Mark Zuckerberg has managed to jump a whopping 21 places in the Forbes rich list, with the Facebook founder now at number 14 – his net worth now at $17.5 billion.

This means he has leapfrogged Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who are in 15th position with a net worth of around $16.7 billion.

It is Bill Gates who has topped the inaugural Forbes Rich List, however, adding a cool $5 billion to his mountain of cash.

Tech titans

As always the annual Forbes Rich List is full of tech personalities. Other luminaries who have made the list include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who sneaked into 13th place with $19.1 billion and Microsoft head Steve Ballmer in 19th place – his wallet is packed with $13.9 billion.

Rounding off the top 50 is both Eric Schmidt and eBay founder Pierre Omidyar; they both have $6.2 billion to spend on a Scrooge McDuck-style coin-filled swimming pool.

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