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Sagem outs its first Freeview+ HD recorders

Sagemcom's new Freeview HD+ recorders
Sagemcom's new Freeview HD+ recorders

Sagem is the latest manufacturer to jump on the Freeview+ HD recorder bandwagon, with the announcement of the 320 T2 HD and 500 T2 HD machines.

Both recorders have been released with Sagemcom branding, are said to be compact and have been give a high-quality glossy black look.

But it's underneath the chassis we are interested in and the T2 HD machines do not disappoint.

Both support the new DVB-T2 standard, have an eight-day EPG on board and can do things like Series Link, one-touch recording and access to library of recorded programmes.

Storage space

Connectivity wise, the recorders have HDMI-out, Scart, USB and Ethernet ports. And both utilise Dolby Digital Plus.

The difference between the 320 T2 HD and 500 T2 HD is disk size. As the names suggest, the 320 T2 HD houses 320GB of hard-disk space, while the 500 T2 HD has 500GB of disk space.

As for UK release dates, the RTI90-320 T2 HD is out in April and the RTI90-500 T2 HD will be available in May.

Pricing is still to be announced.