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Microsoft Office 2010 in stores on 15 June

Microsoft Office 2010 will be available to consumers on June 15
Microsoft Office 2010 will be available to consumers on June 15

Businesses already got hold of Microsoft's new Office 2010 this week, as it emerges from its beta gestation phase, with the news today that consumers will be able to pick up a copy of the new office suite on 15 June.

Microsoft's latest Office portfolio will be made available in Student, Home and Professional packages.

Microsoft is aiming its sights squarely at Google's online Docs application, which includes a free word-processing tool, spreadsheet editor, presentation package and more. With Office 2010 Microsoft is adding its own free online component with Office Web Apps (or 'Office Live').

SkyDrive into the cloud

So Office 2010 will let users create, edit, view and share files online using Microsoft's SkyDrive website.

Much of the latest Office 2010 functionality will be available for free online anyone, which is where Google might well see users switching sides.

In terms of pricing, Office 2010 Student includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote for £109.99, Office 2010 Home includes all of that plus Outlook for £239.99 and Office 2010 Professional add in Publisher and Access for the whopping price of £429.99.

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