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New cordless desktop from Logitech

Logitech has unveiled a new wireless keyboard and mouse combo.

Available as a bundle or separately, you'll soon be able to enjoy wire-free fun with the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave Pro keyboard and the MX 1100 mouse.

The keyboard is all about comforting your swollen, calloused fingers, with a u-shaped curve, a cushioned palm rest and even a "unique wave key frame", whatever that may be.

The mouse, while designed to "support the naturally curved shape of your hand", is also set to be a bit useful in that it recharges while you're working, but also promises that a 15-minute charge should give it enough power for a day's work.

"Busy wireless environment"

Meanwhile, Logitech is boasting a "secure, reliable signal in a busy wireless environment". Its 2.4GHz wireless technology should vastly reduce interference, which Logitech says will all-but eliminate delays and dropouts.

The keyboard also has 128-bit AES keyboard encryption, presumably in case somebody tries to hijack your keyboard, or something. Well, you never know.

The keyboard and mouse bundle is expected to cost around £95 in the UK, and the mouse on its own should go for around £55.