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Nintendo Switch will not launch with Virtual Console

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo has been awfully quiet about its Virtual Console plans for the Nintendo Switch and now we know why. The gaming company confirmed to TechRadar today that its highly anticipated console will not launch with support for all of your precious Virtual Console titles or any, for that matter.

Instead, the feature will come at a later date, which is unspecified as of now. But what also hasn’t been shared are any details regarding how Nintendo will dish out the classic downloadable titles. Will our previously purchased games be available to download? We’ll have to wait longer for that answer, unfortunately.

A major deciding factor for many, Nintendo’s silence on the topic hasn’t gone unnoticed. But if anything, your purchase decision just got a lot easier. 

As someone who is personally excited for the launch, this is truly disappointing news. What was once a launch day feature in the original Nintendo Wii is now something that we have to wait for, something that Nintendo's fans are especially talented at. Now, here's hoping that it has something to show at E3 2017.

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