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Intel unwraps embedded quad-core chips

The Xeon E5335 and E5345 can run in a dual-processor arrangement

Intel has announced a new quad-core processor series specifically for use in embedded devices. Unlike PCs, embedded devices such as HD set top boxes or games consoles are only designed to perform a specific set of tasks. Intel claims it has now been involved in the embedded market for 30 years, an anniversary it says these processors mark.

The Xeon E5335 and E5345 can run in a dual-processor arrangement, meaning you can use two chips in an eight-core arrangement. Intel says the E5345 runs at up to 2.33GHz and the E5335 runs at up to 2GHz.

The announcement is the second bit of quad-core Xeon-related news today. Apple has today launched its new eight-core sporting Mac Pros. The US Apple Store configurator now enables you to choose two 3.0GHz quad-core Xeon processors - previously codenamed Clovertown.

Intel is trumpeting its achievement in getting 11 quad-core products brought to market in less than 6 months.