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Twitter reveals mobile plans for Japan

Twitter is actively targetting the Japanese market

After a tough week for Twitter, it seems more or less content to give us a glimpse of what lies ahead for the microblogging service by revealing plans for its first full-fledged country-specific site.

Speaking to the Nikkei newspaper in Japan, Twitter's mobile director Kevin Thau admitted the company has plans to open a site tailor-made for that country.

Japan is significant

Given Biz Stone's announcement last year that, "a significant percent of Twitter usage consistently originat[es] from Japan despite the fact that our service is in English" the move comes as no surprise.

However, Thau's position means that he's likely talking about a Japanese version of Twitter for mobile phones, especially as already exists, albeit as a simple version of the main international site with just the basics translated.

Search engine

He also alluded to some developments we'd do well to keep an eye on, including a new search engine and Twitter's desire to partner with telecoms firms to work on "cutting-edge services", whatever they might be.

Via Nikkei