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Metro-style Firefox for Windows 8 slated to arrive Dec. 10

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Windows' Modern UI is infecting Firefox, too
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The notes from a recent Mozilla meeting reveal that a touch-friendly, Metro-style version of Firefox for Windows 8 will arrive alongside Firefox 26 in December.

The notes, published online by Mozilla, called the special Windows 8-friendly version of the Firefox browser the "Metro Preview Release build" and promise that it will "'ride the trains' for Firefox 26."

Firefox 26 for Windows 8 is penciled for a Dec. 10 release, and it sounds like the "Modern UI" version will arrive at the same time.

Mozilla plans to continue working on the Modern/Metro Firefox, killing bugs and streamlining the browser, right up until its release.

Long time coming

A Metro-friendly version of Firefox has been in the works at Mozilla for a while, with previews appearing as far back as last year.

Clearly it's taken longer than anticipated to get the Windows 8-specific version of Firefox working, however - PC World claimed that it was originally scheduled to be released as early as January 2013.

The physical Windows landscape hasn't changed too dramatically since Windows 8 was released, though Windows RT is looking less and less relevant and we'll have Windows 8.1 to contend with in mid-October.

Nevertheless, a version of Firefox designed with touch in mind will benefit plenty of Windows 8 users.

Meanwhile Mozilla has plenty else going on, with an "aggressive" release schedule planned for Firefox Mobile.