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Warner Bros trials movie rental via Facebook

Bruce Wayne likes this
Bruce Wayne likes this

As the great online content delivery scramble continues, Warner Brothers has decided to try renting its movies using Facebook.

It's a service that's pretty limited for the moment; only those in the US who 'liked' The Dark Knight can currently rent Christopher Nolan's Batman flick for $3.

Warner Bros. says it will make further films available as time marches on, but there's no word on when, if at all, we'll see the service make its way to the UK.

I believe in Harvey Dent

Digital distribution has proven quite the hurdle for Hollywood, and studios are somewhat on the back foot to web-savvy pirates.

Other popular approaches include YouTube's possible film streaming service, Amazon's recent LoveFilm acquisition and all the 'watch now' opportunities it offers, while all the major studios continue to rail against online piracy.

Warners has also recently launched 'app editions' of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight and Inception, whereby users can simply buy the movie via the app.