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Twitter's first 'twitcom' gets full series

Life is tweet for Shatner and co
Life is tweet for Shatner and co

The first sitcom based on a Twitter feed has been picked up by CBS and will star William Shatner.

Based on Twitter posts by Justin Halpern, which go under the Ronseal-esque name sh*tmydadsays, the sitcom has successfully gone from being a pilot to becoming a fully fledged show.

In a pop-will-eat-itself moment, Shatner announced the news on his Twitter feed, explaining: "I'm on CBS this fall. I just heard so I'm passing it on to you! My best, Bill."

Bring out the dad

Currently followed by 1.3 million Twitter users, the feed, which charts the ramblings of Halpern's 74-year-old dad, has proved ridiculously popular and has even been made into book form.

Examples of wisdom from the feed include: "Pressure? Get married when you want. Your wedding's just one more day in my life I can't wear sweat pants."

And, well, the rest are chock-full of swear words that they would look a little out of place on your family friendly TechRadar.

The sitcom will start in the autumn, with the rather safe tentative title of Bleep My Dad Says.

Although Shatner survived the pilot, CBS is currently looking for an actor to play the son.