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Pakistan blocks Facebook over offensive Muhammad drawings

Facebook banned in Pakistan 'until further notice'
Facebook banned in Pakistan 'until further notice'

Pakistan has blocked its citizen’s access to Facebook because of a competition page on the site that encouraged people to post their drawings of the prophet Muhammad

Facebook is now blocked by authorities in Pakistan 'until further notice'.

Public outrage

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, told internet service providers to block Facebook following a high court order and public outrage over the competition on the site.

The Facebook page in question was called ‘Everybody Draw Mohammad Day — May 20’ with over 200 images of the prophet, most of which would be considered blasphemous by Muslims.

In one of the pictures, the prophet is depicted with a bearded male face superimposed over a bikini-clad body. Another showed pictures of an airplane crashing into the World Trade Centre with the slogan, “Islam: a religion of peace.”

The competition page had over 5,000 followers and links to leading critics of Islam.

The creator of the page has not been identified.

Shakir Husain of Karachi-based net company Creative Chaos said of the ban: "By banning this web page, it will just make people more curious. It's pouring petrol on a small fire that could become a lot bigger.

"You can't police the internet. The Saudis have tried it, as have other governments, and all have failed. It's a waste of state money."