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Moonfruit banished from Twitter's tending topics

Moonfruit - no longer sponsered by Twitter
Moonfruit - no longer sponsered by Twitter

Twitter has decided to pull #Moonfruit from its trending topics section, after the hashtag became popular due to a viral marketing campaign.

Moonfruit is a website-building company with some inventive marketers. By offering the Twitter community the chance to win one of 10 MacBook Pros if they lace their Tweets with #Moonfruit, the company saw its brand climb swiftly to the top of Twitter's trending topics list.

Dangerous precedent

The Marketing Director behind the campaign, Wendy Tan, has revealed Moonfruit has been culled from the Trending Topics section without any actual notification.

"We recognise the campaign sets a dangerous precedent and could have implications for how Twitter is used and abused by marketers," she explained.

"If Twitter had come to us and said enough is enough, then we would have worked with it to limit the campaign, or complied with whatever it was demanding. However, they've pulled the trending without explanation or communication, which sets rather a different tone."

Whether you see the stunt as spam or ingenious marketing, one thing's for sure – a lot more people know about the Moofruit brand now, even if they have absolutely no desire to build a website.