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Microsoft: we won't use search engines in 2020

Stephen Elop
Microsoft's Stephen Elop, speaking at Microsoft Amsterdam today

"Why are we searching at all?" That's the question posed by Microsoft Business Division President Stephen Elop at an event attended by TechRadar today. "Why is all the relevant material not presented to me if I write an email to my boss? It should all be there in front of you."

Elop was speaking at a Microsoft event in Amsterdam, where the launch of Office 2010 was marked by a look at how the way we work will change – and the role of the cloud and Project Natal-style gesture interfaces.

"The search engines will be searching forever, it's how we interact with [the results] that will change," stated Elop before joking: "I know all of you are using Bing, you might occasionally stumble over our competitors' product, we understand that."