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Gogo brings high-speed broadband to United cross-country flights

Browse faster while crossing three time zones on United
Browse faster while crossing three time zones on United

United fliers making those dreaded cross-country commutes will soon get to take advantage of the joys of in-flight internet access.

In-flight internet provider Gogo announced today a partnership with United that will bring its high-speed Wi-Fi access to United's Premium Service fleet.

Specifically, United Airlines P.S. planes are those flying between New York City (NYC) and either San Francisco (SFO) or Los Angeles (LAX).

While the United Airlines P.S. fleet already features Wi-Fi access through Gogo, that service is getting an upgrade to ATG-4 (Air To Ground) technology.

The improved connection will bump the airline's current 3.1Mbps internet speeds up to 9.8Mbps.

More internet in the air

United is only the latest airline to upgrade its planes to a high speed ATG-4 connection.

Earlier this year US Airways announced plans to upgrade 90 percent of its domestic fleet to ATG-4 by the end of 2012, with its entire airline running on high-speed Wi-Fi by 2014.

United Airlines will not be quite as speedy with its high-speed internet plans, pledging to bring ATG-4 to is P.S. fleet by early 2013.

The service isn't free, requiring a Gogo registration, but offers crucial internet service on those long flights crossing three time zones. Gogo subscriptions range from $14.95 for a 24-hour pass to $39.99 for unlimited monthly access.

There is no word from United Airlines or Gogo on when ATG-4 service will expand to United's other flights, if it will at all.