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System Shock Remastered emerges from the dark side of gaming

System Shock Remastered

System Shock is coming back. Night Dive Studios has just release pre-Alpha gameplay footage of the re-mastered 1994 game and we're excited and simultaneously terrified about space all over again.

Released originally by Looking Glass Studios and produced by games maven Warren Spector, the first-person shooter set aboard a spaceship somewhere in the future, was an atmospheric success long before Alien Isolation came to be.

The game was one of the first cyberpunk-themed shooters, introducing a malevolent AI and hacking mechanics, and went on to influence the likes of Deus Ex and BioShock as well as countless others up to the present day.

While the game may look a little low-res still, it's good to remember it's still in pre-Alpha. The studio are re-mastering the original in Unity to give it a massive world feel, and there's no doubt there'll be shocks a-plenty to enjoy on release.

Night Dive Studios recently acquired the rights to the entire System Shock series, and plan on making a third part to the franchise. For now, kick back and enjoy the video...preferably in the dark.

System Shock will be released some time in 2017.