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Rumour: PSP Go to get UMD disc add-on

Logitech developing UMD add-on for UMD-free console?
Logitech developing UMD add-on for UMD-free console?

Sony's PSP Go – the latest handheld console from the gaming giant – received something of a 'muted' launch earlier this autumn, and the latest rumours are that Logitech is developing a UMD disc 'add-on' for the UMD-free download-only console.

Which seems a bit backwards to us, but hey, if there's a market for it…

The idea is that there must be a proportion of PSP Go owners that wish to play some of their older games on UMD that are not compatible with their latest console.

UMD-free UMD add-on

Joystiq reports the rumour that Logitech is developing this UMD add-on drive for the PSP Go.

Stranger things have happened, of course, but TechRadar has put a call in to Logitech's UK office. Just to check.

So let's just get this straight: this third-party accessory will improve the PSP Go--a product that prides itself on not having a UMD drive--by actually giving it one? OK, it sounds just as strange when we say it loud too.

Again, as confusing as it may be, this is nothing but a rumour right now. PSP Go owners, would you pay for a UMD add-on drive?

Via Joystiq