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Intel announces its fastest consumer processor ever

Intel Devil's Canyon
That's an intriguing new logo.

Intel seems to have a clear target audience with the launch of its new Devil's Canyon processor range at Computex in Taipei.

A new devilish logo combined with an emphasis on overclocking thanks to a new thermal interface module means that the products are likely to be a big hit with gamers.

The new processor family – known as the K-series - is essentially a "tick" in the company's calendar and an evolution of Haswell's microarchitecture.

It currently has two members with the flagship model – the Core i7-4790K - clocked at a whopping 4GHz and manufactured on a 22nm node.

Overclocking bonanza

They are also unlocked, can be overclocked by 10% and come with a HD 4600 graphics subsystem clocked at 1.25GHz.

Intel also announced an Intel Pentium processor Anniversary Edition to celebrate the 20 years of the brand. This particular SKU (stock keeping unit) is unlocked, has 2 cores and a base frequency of 3.2GHz.

The processors will be available globally towards the end of the month. The fastest Intel processor was the Intel Xeon "Westmere" X5698 which was clocked at 4.4GHz and launched in 2011.