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Critical security updates for Firefox

Firefox 3.0
Firefox 3.0

Hot on the heels of Internet Explorer's well publicised problems, Mozilla has rushed out eight security patches for Firefox this week.

Although Internet Explorer is still the dominant force in internet browsers, Firefox has grown hugely in the past few years and recently moved past 20 per cent share of the market.

However, although it is less rarely targeted by malware makers, Firefox also suffers from exploits that could put users' data and personal information at risk.

Critical fixes

Of the eight patches from Mozilla, three are considered 'critical' with two of them potentially allowing cross-site scripting and the third a potential hostile remote access point.

The patches will update both the latest version of Firefox 3 and Firefox It is believed to be the final patch from Mozilla for Firefox 2.0 which would suggest that users should be considering an upgrade to 3.0.

The updates are available through the browser's auto-update facility.