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New WhatsApp feature will let you share your status on Facebook and Instagram

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Facebook is testing a new feature that will let you share your WhatsApp status directly to Facebook and Instagram with a tap of a button.

The feature is being rolled out right now, so if you're interested, you can join the beta program for Android (opens in new tab) or iOS (opens in new tab) and take it for a spin.

Testers must choose to share each status update individually – there's no option to have all statuses sent to other apps automatically, which should hopefully help avoid embarrassing over-sharing.

In January, Facebook announced that it would be bringing all its apps closer together, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg ordering developers to rebuild Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp "at their most basic levels".

To the relief of many, the announcement scotched rumors that the three services would be rolled into one monster social network – a place where selfie-strewn Instagram accounts would sit awkwardly alongside family messaging groups, and data entered in one app would be shared universally.

Instead, his comments suggested that the best features from each app (such as WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption) could be shared with the rest, improving them all while keeping them separate.

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In a statement to The Verge, WhatsApp confirmed that this change – which means  all of Facebook's apps now use the same data-sharing APIs – was what made the new sharing function possible.

Interestingly, it seems that you'll also be able share your current mood over some non-Facebook channels, such as Gmail and Google Photos, though as these aren't primarily social networking apps, we're uncertain how popular these options will be.

Via The Verge (opens in new tab)

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