UA Band review

Under Armour and HTC team up for a feature-packed fitness tracker

UA Band

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Under Armour and HTC's joint efforts have produced a solid fitness tracker that demands your attention. If not just for its looks alone, its performance with and without the companion app, UA Record, makes it a cohesive, smart buy for those looking to get fit.

We liked

The design doesn't rock the boat compared to more exquisite timepieces like the Huawei Watch, Moto 360 or the Apple Watch, but it is one of the most refined fitness trackers out there. The design is seamless and better yet, it yields comfort that often times makes you forget you're wearing it at all.

The benefit of the already-stellar companion app means that the UA Band will continue to be improved upon in the future. Since the announcement of a partnership with IBM's Watson, we're eager to see how this is put into motion. But what's currently available is informative and rewarding.

We disliked

Though the Band does a lot right, it comes at a pretty high cost. $180 (about £126, AU$262) to be specific. This price range nearly puts it into the smartwatch bracket, with which it can't stack up to based on its comparatively limited functionality.

The frosted plastic body of the Band looks and feels durable, but it tends to scratch quite easily. I felt as though I was careful while using it, but it somehow ended up with some ugly blemishes that can't be buffed out. It's not the end of the world, but it's a concern, nevertheless.

Final verdict

Well-built technology ecosystems are rarely affordable to buy into, and what Under Armour and HTC have built in the Band and its companion app, Record is a good case in point. This fitness tracker mostly accomplishes what it sets out to do, only faltering with its questionable scratch-resistance and high price tag.

I'd recommend this fitness tracker for anyone on the market who is looking for a stylish and fun to use device. The UA Band costs a small premium, but with that extra cash you might have saved, you'll be buying into a fantastic mashup of hardware and software.

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