Moto 360 Sport review

A hampered hybrid

Moto 360 Sport review

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It's refreshing to see an Android Wear watch that doesn't feel exactly like every other Wear watch apart from the look.

However, as there are issues with it both as a smartwatch and a running watch, Motorola hasn't yet cracked the complete package.

We liked

The Moto 360 Sport gives you more accurate run tracking than almost every other Android Wear watch; it's a genuine running watch, even without a phone in tow.

Its screen is perfectly suited to outdoor use too, able to switch between a colourful LCD screen and a muted but clear-in-sunlight one. It's a great solution that makes for a clear display 24/7.

We disliked

The Moto 360 Sport lacks the arm candy factor of the standard Moto 360, and some of its comfort too.

Much of this comes down to the strap, as the rubber isn't high-grade, and it picks up bits of fluff and dust as if it's making a nest out of the stuff.

Moto 360 Sport review

The other day-to-day disappointment is battery life, as while the screen sounds like it'll be super-efficient, you're still only going to get a day's use out of a charge. Pure GPS stamina is also a lot worse than in cheaper running watches.


The Moto 360 Sport is more than just another Android Wear watch. With its dynamic screen and GPS there's an appeal here that other Android Wear watches just don't have.

However, this seems like yet another smartwatch design that isn't quite there yet in enough respects to recommend it to many buyers in the real world. Its somewhat rudimentary tracking and poor battery life put cheaper dedicated runner's watches in a good light, while it also lacks the gadget-lust factor of non-GPS alternatives.

Great strengths and serious weaknesses make the Moto 360 Sport a somewhat awkward product, like quite a lot of other smartwatches.

First reviewed: May 2016

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