Roidmi RS60 cordless vacuum cleaner review

A powerful cordless vacuum that can mop floors too

Roidmi RS60 cordless vacuum cleaner
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The Roidmi RS60 is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner that can mop hard floors at the same time as sucking up dust and debris. It’s compact and lightweight and can be converted into a handheld cleaner too, but despite its hefty price tag we were disappointed by the battery life, as you’ll only get 10 minutes of cleaning on the highest power level.


  • +

    Can vacuum and mop at the same time

  • +

    Powerful suction

  • +

    Compact and lightweight


  • -

    Small-capacity dust bin

  • -

    Loud in use

  • -


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Roidmi is a relative newcomer to the floorcare market, having been founded in China in 2015, and thanks to investment from smartphone brand Xiaomi, it’s fast becoming a rival to the big hitters such as Dyson and Miele by offering robot vacuums and some of the best cordless vacuums, with high-end specs at more affordable price points. 

According to Roidmi the RS60, which is its latest cordless vacuum cleaner, offers 65% more suction power than its previous top-of-the-range cleaner, the Roidmi S1E (although that doesn’t have a mopping function), and has a 50W brushless motor that’s more energy-efficient than those in previous models. As well as an arsenal of attachments, including an electric mattress brush and an extension hose, the vacuum cleaner also comes with a clip-on mopping attachment complete with a small water tank, enabling you to vacuum and wash hard floors at the same time.

Like many of the best vacuum cleaners, the Roidmi RS60 has three levels of suction power, although you’ll have to manually switch between these, unlike on some rivals which automatically adjust the power level to suit the type of floor you’re cleaning. The roller on the cleaning head also has a new V-shaped design, which Roidmi claims improves dust pick-up by 30% and helps to prevent hair from getting tangled around it.

The RS60 uses an antibacterial sterilizing system, along with six levels of filtration, to help eliminate bacteria in your home, and Roidmi says the battery will last up to 70 minutes between charges, depending on the power settings used.

Compared to Roidmi’s other vacuums, the RS60 is expensive, priced at $661 / £579 / AU$966 – so is the wet and dry function really that invaluable, and worth the extra money? We put it to the test to find out.

Roidmi RS60 cordless vacuum cleaner

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Roidmi RS60 cordless vacuum cleaner price and availability

  •  List price: $661 / £579 / AU$966 

The Roidmi RS60 cordless vacuum cleaner is priced at $661 / £579 / AU$966, and is available worldwide from Harrods. In the UK it’s also available through Amazon, and from Rodimi’s own website. 

The RS60 is Roidmi’s top-of-the-range model, but it also offers a more affordable version, called the RS40. However, its battery life isn’t as long, and its suction isn’t as powerful, which is reflected in its lower price of $540 / £449 / AU$790. 

Roidmi RS60 cordless vacuum cleaner

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  • 0.12-gallon / 0.55-litre dust bin
  • Comes with seven tools including a mattress brush
  • OLED display shows power setting and remaining battery

The Roidmi RS60 is a compact and lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner that can wash as well as suck up dust when used on hard floors. Measuring 46.9 x 10.2 x 6.5  inches / 119.1 x 25.9 x 16.4cm (h x w x d), it’s one of the more compact cordless vacuums we’ve tested. It weighs 6lb / 2.7kg, making it one of the lighter cordless vacuums on the market too. 

As we’ve mentioned, the RS60 has three power levels, which you can switch between using the button closest to the top of the vacuum’s handle, while the power button sits on the front of the handle. There’s also a 0.4-inch / 4cm color OLED screen that shows which power setting has been selected, the remaining battery, and – if you need some motivation to do the housework – the number of calories you’ve burned during a cleaning session. 

The Roidmi RS60 has a magnetic add-on to its main cleaning head that can be used for mopping, with a 5 fl oz / 150ml water tank within the attachment, and the dust canister has a 0.12-gallon / 0.55-liter capacity, which Roidmi says is 35% larger than the ones on its previous cordless vacuum cleaners. 

Like many of its rivals, you can convert RS60 into a handheld vacuum by detaching the canister from the main wand and cleaning head and attaching one of the many tools, which include an extension hose, a crevice tool, a pet hair attachment and even an electronic mattress brush, to the bottom of the canister.  

We’ve mentioned that the battery lasts up to 70 minutes between charges, but that’s on the lowest power setting; if the cleaner is used on the most powerful setting the battery life drops to just 10 minutes. The RS60 comes with a wall charger to make powering-up the vacuum easier. 

Roidmi RS60 cordless vacuum cleaner

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  • Extremely powerful suction
  • Mopping function can’t remove tough stains
  • Loud when used on most powerful setting

When it comes to suction power, the Roidmi RS60 easily rivaled cleaners from the likes of Dyson and Miele in our tests, hoovering up fine dust, biscuit crumbs and cereal in seconds on the most powerful setting. It glided easily on both carpets and hard floors, and we found it simple to boost or reduce the suction power using the button on the handle. Meanwhile, the OLED display offered a handy color-coded indicator, making it easy to see which level we were using, along with the battery level as a percentage, although we’d also have liked to see the remaining run-time in minutes, as on the rival Dyson V11 Absolute. 

The RS60 was also good for giving floors a quick mop, although as there’s no scrubbing action it unsurprisingly struggled to remove embedded stains. 

When the mopping attachment is placed close to the back of the cleaning head it quickly snaps into place and is ready to mop. We were impressed that the mopping pads could simply be pressed onto the attachment, and stayed in place during our mopping session, but we did find the water tank a little fiddly to fill. The mopping pads can also be put in the washing machine after each use to keep them clean. 

The RS60 is a little fiddly to empty, as the wand and attachments need to be removed and the canister disconnected from the handle and main unit. However, once this has been done, a single button press opens the canister and ejects the dirt. 

Converting the vacuum into handheld mode and back again was simple, thanks to the click-in design of the various components, although in handheld mode we found it too heavy to hold for a long time when cleaning up high. We also found that it was fiddly to insert the charging cable into the top of the vacuum, but using the wall charger made it much easier to juice the vacuum when it was running low. 

While the vacuum was pleasingly quiet when used on lower power settings, averaging around 72db, when we switched to the most powerful setting our decibel meter hit 81db, which is similar to a truck traveling down the road at 40mph, making it one of the loudest cordless vacuums we’ve tested. 

Roidmi RS60 cordless vacuum cleaner

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Battery life

  • Ranges from 10 to 70 minutes depending on the power setting 
  • Battery takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge
  • Magnetic wall charger can wirelessly recharge the battery

As we’ve mentioned, Roidmi claims the battery will last up to 70 minutes on the lowest power setting, and in our testing we managed 67 minutes before the vacuum needed recharging. It took around 2.5 hours to fully recharge the battery using the bundled battery charger.

As well as a charging cable, the cordless vacuum comes with a magnetic wall charger that enables it to be wirelessly charged, and helpfully this has an adhesive pad on the back, so there’s no need for drilling and screwing to install it.

Should I buy the Roidmi RS60 cordless vacuum cleaner?

Buy it if..

You want a vacuum and a mop in one
If you want to ensure that your hard floors are spotlessly clean, the Roidmi RS60’s ability to vacuum and mop at the same time makes it a great buy. 

You want powerful suction
With powerful suction that made short work of everything from fine dust to larger debris, the Roidmi RS60 can certainly give rivals from Dyson and Miele a run for their money.

You have a smaller home
With a dust canister that can only hold up to 0.12-gallon / 0.55-liter of debris, this cordless vacuum has one of the smaller capacities on the market, so is best suited to smaller homes.

Don't buy it if..

You’re on a budget
At $661 / £579 / AU$966, the Roidmi RS60 doesn’t come cheap, so if you’re on a budget you’re better off looking at cleaners from more affordable brands such as Shark or Hoover.

You want automated power adjustment
The power setting needs to be adjusted manually on the Roidmi RS60 – it’s not adjusted automatically, which can help to conserve battery power and is a feature you’ll find on Dyson and Miele’s similarly priced rivals. 

You don’t want a loud vacuum
With a maximum sound level equivalent to a truck doing 40mph, the Roidmi RS60 should be avoided if you’re not a fan of loud appliances. 

First reviewed: May 2021

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