Realme X2 Pro review

Is this Realme really worth it?

Realme X2 Pro
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Building a successful phone, for any market segment, is more than just assembling a checklist of powerful components. There are multiple smaller factors which build towards the experience of using a device, and these are what ultimately often sway consumers.

So what then is the experience of the Realme X2 Pro? Generally, a wholly positive one, and especially for the price tag.

The screen is large, bright and vibrant, while the high refresh rate means that the device feels very snappy to use. Thanks to generous RAM and storage allocations, the lack of a microSD card slot isn’t likely to be an issue, while the loud, powerful speakers make listening to music a joy.

The battery is enough to last through a heavy day of usage, and the unparalleled fast charging tech means that even should you run out of juice, only a quick top up is needed to get back into the game.

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It isn’t all roses however, as there are a few drawbacks, as might be expected for the price. While the camera system is very versatile, image quality in many situations isn’t exactly inspiring, with the lack of OIS meaning that low light performance is hampered significantly compared to certain rivals.

The default colors of the screen are too saturated for certain situations, and the software can feel quite cartoonish and a little unfinished.

Taken as a whole however, and for the price, the Realme X2 Pro is an excellent showing from the fledgling brand, and deserves to bring it much success in the west.

The likes of Samsung, Nokia and Motorola are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with Chinese brands as they move into western markets, and the X2 Pro is a perfect example of why this is the case, being as it is a compelling blend of price and performance.

Who’s this for?

If you are a power user looking for flagship features and performance without breaking the bank, the Realme X2 Pro should be high on your list of choices.

Should you buy it?

If your budget is below $500/£500, the X2 Pro is an excellent all-round choice - if camera quality is your hill to die on however, the Google Pixel 3a might be a better choice.

First reviewed: October 2019

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