Sony Ericsson W395 review

A cheap new Walkman music phone which gets the job done

Sony Ericsson W395 review
The Sony Ericsson W395 is a wallet-friendly, functional sliderphone

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battery life

One of the upsides of a relatively feature-light handset is that the battery doesn't take so much of a power-whacking as on high-end do-it-all models. Sony Ericsson rates the W395 as being capable of up to 8 hours' talktime or up to 480 hours' standby time – or music player life of up to 12.5 hours – between charges.

We found the handset did produce an above-average power performance, keeping going for up to four days at a stretch with limited music playing. Hitting the Walkman play button regularly does, of course, lower that phone performance considerably.


Sony Ericsson deals the W395 a standard pack of entry-level organiser applications and tools. It's all quite serviceable stuff we've seen played out on many Sony Ericssons before.


They include calendar, alarm clock, stopwatch and timer features, calculator and tasks option, plus world clock 3D and convertor apps, and a sound recorder.


The W395 supports Bluetooth and USB connectivity, with a cable supplied in-box. No PC syncing software is included however, so if you want to use this for backing up content, or syncing contents, contacts and calendar, you need to download software from Sony Ericsson's website at


Sony Ericsson includes its standard PlayNow content download portal link, which offers a limited alternative to network download options.

You have to pay for music and other premium content, plus possibly incur network download charges to get it delivered to your handset. The W395 also has three games pre-loaded, Guitar Rock Tour, Nitro Street Racer and Sudoku.