Samsung Galaxy Core Prime review

It's busy at the bottom, and the Core Prime struggles to stand out.

Samsung Galaxy Core review

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The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime is a low cost smartphone with a robust design and a screen that's well suited to one-handed usage. But it joins a crowded sector of the market with some very strong entry-level rivals, and Samsung's latest effort simply doesn't do anything sufficiently well to stand out from the crowd.

We liked

The Samsung Galaxy Core Prime's 4.5-inch display is just the right size for comfortable single-handed usage, which is quite rare in the Android world.

Its battery life, too, is strong, and can get you through two days of moderate usage. A nicely balanced 4G phone for a wallet-friendly price.

We disliked

While the Galaxy Core Prime's display is nicely proportioned, it really isn't sharp enough – even at this price point.

Samsung's usual design approach of replicating its premium phones with cheaper materials continues to underwhelm. Plastic needn't feel cheap, but it does here – particularly with that metal-effect rim.

Finally, while we don't expect great things from entry-level smartphone cameras, the Galaxy Core Prime's really isn't much cop. In particular, it seems quite slow to focus.


While they're still full of compromises, entry-level smartphones no longer need to be a case of simply making do. The Moto E and the EE Harrier Mini both have stand-out features that lift them above their modest price tags.

In offering absolutely nothing to write home about, the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime falls into a samey pack. It's built well but looks a little cheap, while its display simply isn't up to the standard of its low-cost rivals.

In short, it's yet another "good enough" low-end phone from Samsung. And "good enough" is no longer good enough.

First reviewed: January 2016