Nokia X2 review

The Nokia X2 is a good, cheap entry-level phone, but does it offer enough to satisfy?

Nokia X2
The definitive Nokia X2 review

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Nokia X2 review: Battery life

The Nokia X2 comes with an 860 mAh Li-Ion battery with a claimed 765 minutes of talk time and a monumental 530 hours of standby time. We weren't able to confirm the full 530 hours, but after having the phone for over a week we never had to charge it, and still had three of the four bars left.

The battery is one of the best we have seen in any handset over the past 12 months and is a really strong selling point for the X2. If you need a reliable battery on your mobile, you won't find much better that the Nokia X2.

Nokia x2


Connectivity on the Nokia X2 is limited. The X2 offers quad band calling, GPRS internet and Bluetooth for data transfer and hands-free calling. A lack of Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G and HSDPA means that this handset feels very much stuck in the past. In fact the Nokia 6100, which launched nearly nine years ago, had exactly the same connectivity features.

With regards to PC connection, you can either move individual files to and from the phone using a Bluetooth data transfer, or hook it up via a standard micro USB cable to transfer photos and video, notes and more.


The lack of decent connectivity twinned with Symbian S40 OS mean that you're not going to find the next Infinity Blade being launched on the Nokia X2 like it is on the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

Nokia x2

However, the bundled apps offer a good all round choice of both games and productivity applications.

Nokia x2

Included in the X2, you will find an alarm clock, calendar and calculator. The alarm app provides you with a single alarm with snooze function, while the calculator is pretty basic but does include some simple scientific functions. Other apps include a to-do list manager, countdown timer, voice recorder, stopwatch and note taker.

You can also find a decent array of games and applications through Nokia's Ovi Store, but due to the limited speed of connections, be prepared to wait a while!

If you were expecting to find any sort of mapping or GPS software on the X2, you will be disappointed. The Ovi App store also currently has no compatible apps for finding directions or planning routes, so you can't add this function yourself.