Nokia X2 review: Verdict

Nokia x2

The Nokia X2 is a simple, affordable mobile phone which has left out many of the usual smartphone staples but included a few hidden surprises. It is well made, has an easy interface and overall is fine to use.

Its preference as a music focused handset has great potential, and the inclusion of an FM radio adds an extra avenue for listening when your own tunes fail to cut it. However the Symbian S40 operating system is getting seriously long in the tooth and it will soon not have a place in this media centric, web-focused world.

We liked

The Nokia X2 has awesome battery life; this phone will go for days on moderate use and gave us a real sense of freedom from the socket. The crisp and clear loudspeaker was a clear winner and the X2's media expandability means you have the potential for hours of tunes.

Build quality is also fairly solid and the inclusion of an aluminium back is a welcome touch of luxury.

We disliked

The X2 has seriously unfriendly buttons. If you have the fingers of a borrower, then the X2 will probably suit you fine. However we just couldn't get on with the tightly-spaced, unresponsive keys.

The camera is pretty bad. Yes it's 5MP, and the images may be large, but they are washed out and blurry, even in daylight conditions.

The handset also has a lacklustre choice of applications and dire connectivity options, which were enough to make long-term use a chore.


The Nokia X2 is great value for those who just want a simple mobile phone. However this handset feels confused. It has the styling of a teenager and the features of a dinosaur. If you are looking to replace your aging handset, this could be the one for you. Otherwise we suggest steering clear.