Nokia Lumia 930 review

A colourful handset that battles against Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 930 review
The best Lumia, with great design and good helpings of power

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The Nokia Lumia 930 is a brilliant or complex phone for consuming movies, music and more - it just depends on how you look at it.

The positives are many: the 930 comes with Dolby sound enhancement integrated, and this really does improve the performance of tunes on show.

Couple that with the sharpest screen on a Lumia yet, and movies become a strong proposition too. And you've got multiple ways of getting them on there, be it sideloading or through something like Netflix.

However, this is where it gets a little confusing (if you let it). Nokia's Mix Radio is a good service, albeit one that pales in comparison to Spotify, but it competes a little with the inbuilt music app.

The music app itself is good, with a simple and clear interface, but that can get confusing if you sign up to Xbox Music and want to stream tracks - it feels a lot like the Sony Xperia range in that respect, where you can sign up and stream / download loads of music, but let it lapse and everything gets a bit confusing over what's 'yours' and what isn't.

But if you're just one to connect up to a PC, sync over some MP3s and a couple of movies, then you'll find the generous 32GB storage capacity more than enough for most tasks, even if you've downloaded a boatload of apps.

The sound performance is excellent too, with the ability to customise nearly every element of the sound really paying dividends for those that like to have a little tweak.

Nokia Lumia 930 review

Media is good - but Spotify is far more impressive than Mix Radio

There's even an FM radio on board for those moments when you want to remember how your grandfather used to get his connection to the hit parade. It's basic, but with a decent pair of headphones it's not too bad at all.

Gaming on the Nokia Lumia 930 is a mixed bag as well. It's fine when you get the right title, and Microsoft has done well to create some really impressive casual games.

They're a little more expensive than those found on Android or iOS, but that's presumably as they allow you to garner Xbox points - well, I hope that's the reason, otherwise it's just mean.

The larger and higher-res screen is really welcome here, and whether it's the latest tennis-strategy game or hardcore racing title, you've definitely got the display estate to cope.

But if you are one of those that likes the more powerful title on their device, then you're a little out of luck with the Lumia 930. Like the apps situation in general for Windows Phone, there's very little that tests the out-and-out graphical power of the 930 like it would on other phones.

When Apple and Google are promoting their console-level graphics on a phone or tablet, Microsoft is being inexplicably left behind in this space. I say it's hard to explain because there's so much heritage here, with the Xbox platform surely having some influence along the way.

But you're forced to use older versions of games that have been long updated on other platforms, which grates when you're buying a phone that's capable of so much more.

There are some titles in there which are fun to play and seem to tax the polygons a little more, but it's nowhere near the benchmark I'm used to on Android and iOS devices.

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