The Nokia C7 has a 1200mAh battery, which on paper seems a little low to us. And since the handset functions particularly well as a music player, we suspect it could get a lot of use in that respect, which would usually result in fast battery drains.

Still, with what we consider to be an average usage pattern, including plenty of Wi-Fi, some GPS mapping and some music playback, we got two days straight from the handset without having to worry about recharging.

What's more, Nokia has put oodles of apps onto the Nokia C7 and there should be something for most users here. We've already mentioned some of the apps.

Document lovers can take advantage of QuickOffice for viewing Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, although you have to register before you can use it and can't edit documents either. There's a PDF reader too.

Photo and video editing is catered for; the Tesco groceries app is present; Filmscope tells you about movies, both those upcoming and showing now; Sports Tracker monitors your training; and there's a candidate for stupid app of the year in the shape of World Class Excuses. Its silly little excuses can be texted, emailed or posted to Facebook.

Nokia c7 review

Nokia c7 review

And if nothing that's built in takes your fancy, you always have the Ovi Store, of course.

It should be no surprise that the Nokia C7 packs Ovi Maps, and we found the GPS to be very good at maintaining a fix in built-up areas. We were impressed at how quickly it got a fix too, even being accurate when we were indoors and with a half view of the sky through a window.

Nokia c7 review