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Nokia 808 Pureview review

Contacts can be accessed either through the Contacts app, one of the two Contacts widgets or via contact name entry in the Phone app.

Within the main Contacts app, entries can be displayed and sorted by first or last name with user selected profile images associated.

Once an entry is selected, all the standard contact methods (phone, mobile, e-mail, address, etc.) can be listed/associated with Facebook and Twitter status be displayed once the Social app is set-up and associated with the contact.

Additionally, the Maps Suite is integrated into the Contacts app to display the contact address in the Nokia Maps app to enable quick satellite navigation guidance to the location.

Adding a new contact is simple with an add button in the soft button bar at the bottom of the main Contacts app screen.

Nokia 808 Pureview review

Transferring contact information between devices is just as simple with a number of methods available; Send Contact Card via SMS, e-mail or Bluetooth; synchronise to/from PC or SIM card or web using Exchange ActiveSync or Nokia Sync; Phone Switch in Settings, Connectivity, Data Transfer.


The Call quality on the Nokia 808 PureView was without issue. All calls made and received were only limited by network coverage.

The phone dialler interface includes smart dial as default, but provides the option to switch this off, although we're not sure why you'd want to. The bottom soft button bar adds access to the call log and Contacts app.