LG Viewty Snap GM360 review

Can a featurephone still cut it against the budget Android brigade?

The definitive LG Viewty Snap review
The definitive LG Viewty Snap review

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We've already seen how the LiveSquare screen and the favourite people screen can provide you quick access to your top friends and contacts.

A quick tap on the Contacts icon at the bottom of any of the three main screens gives you access to your full database of contacts, and it's easy to add new contact details to the handset.

Social networking is catered for and there's a fair range of services included.

LG viewty snap gm360: social networking

You'll have to be patient with them, though. The Twitter application, for example, is a Java app that takes a little while to load. Then you have to wait even longer to log in. There are further periods of waiting to endure if you want to look at mentions, or to search.

It's poor in comparison to Twitter apps on Android handsets.

LG viewty snap gm360: twitter

There's a dedicated Facebook client too, but this also suffers. It feels slow and clunky in comparison to using Facebook on faster handsets with better, larger and more responsive touch screens. We wouldn't really want to rely on it.

LG viewty snap gm360: facebook

Still, the handset didn't drop the connection on voice calls, and we had no trouble having a voice-based conversation using the phone.